Fuel Tax Credit Rates From 05 August 2019 To 02 February 2020

The ATO publishes updated Fuel Tax Credit Rates twice a year to account for fluctuations in fuel prices. It's important to apply the correct rate to each fuel purchase.

The rates listed here are listed in cents per liter.

Fuel TypeOn Road RateOff Road Rate
Diesel16.000 cpL41.800 cpL
Petrol16.000 cpL41.800 cpL
B516.000 cpL41.800 cpL
B2016.000 cpL41.800 cpL
E1016.000 cpL41.800 cpL
LPG0.000 cpL13.700 cpL
LNG0.000 cpL28.700 cpL
E850.000 cpL15.620 cpL
B1000.000 cpL5.600 cpL